Welcome to senior infants

Welcome to senior infants in room 4.

This blog is here to keep you posted on what the boys and girls in room 4 get up to throughout their time in senior infants!

Our topic for September was Myself. 

Here is a look at some of the activities that took place:

Our small world was based on our big book, Owl babies

The children made the town of Clondalkin during construction - can you spot the round tower?

This group worked together to build their house

The doctors surgery was our role play corner. Poor teddy was very sick all month, thankfully the doctors took good care of him and he is all better now!

We learnt how to check the patients heartbeat in the doctors surgery ...

And what equipment was necessary to perform surgery ...

We all got the chance to check out our features in a mirror

We went outside to draw our bodies using chalk

 As you can see we had lots of fun this month and the children have settled in well to their new classroom. 

Keep checking in to see what we get up to next ..


A recap on parents evening: 

Jolly phonics is the phonics programme we are following

Pencil grip - remind the children of their 'froggy legs'.

Useful activities for strengthening their fingers:

Peg and pasta - picking up the hard pasta with pegs
Colouring pictures
Cutting and sticking activities

Aistear - it is linked to our topic every month. Please celebrate the children's junk art , they will be bringing lots of it home this month and they are very proud of it!

Useful links for tablets and ipads:





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