Christmas in room 4

Room 4 was filled with  lots of Christmas magic during the month of December. 
We had some cheeky elves who visited and left a flurry of magic dust and excitement behind them.

Our role play area was transformed into Santa's workshop. We were busy making toys for the boys and girls in the workshop.  The children had great fun writing naughty and nice lists! They even put their poor teacher on the naughty list. Thankfully I made it back on the nice list just in time. 
Santa's sleigh made an appearance and the toys were loaded in. With the help of a few magic reindeer the children delivered all the presents on time. We wrote our Christmas lists to Santa and posted them in the post box. 

The children performed 2 songs in the Christmas concert and were fabulous. Santa arrived on the last day of school for a quick visit before he headed back to the Northpole. We hope you had a lovely Christmas, happy new year from all of us in room 4! Just a little reminder to log onto Seesaw if you…

Green school Halloween

Every year our school has a 'green' fashion show. In senior infants we made Halloween crowns from recyclable materials. The children's creations were wonderful! We then got a chance to strut our stuff on the catwalk in front of the whole school. We had great fun.

Houses and homes

Our topic for October was houses and homes. 
The children were fantastic builders. Have a look at some of the buildings they built: 

The children built houses from different materials for the three little pigs. We did a science experiment to see which material was the strongest. The brick house won! 

We had a special visitor come in and show us all the tools that a builder needs. We had great fun trying to remember all the names of the different tools. 

The children built the town of Clondalkin, can you spot any familiar landmarks? 

Welcome to senior infants

Welcome to senior infants in room 4.
This blog is here to keep you posted on what the boys and girls in room 4 get up to throughout their time in senior infants! Our topic for September was Myself.  Here is a look at some of the activities that took place: Our small world was based on our big book, Owl babies
The children made the town of Clondalkin during construction - can you spot the round tower?

This group worked together to build their house

The doctors surgery was our role play corner. Poor teddy was very sick all month, thankfully the doctors took good care of him and he is all better now!

We learnt how to check the patients heartbeat in the doctors surgery ...

And what equipment was necessary to perform surgery ...

We all got the chance to check out our features in a mirror

We went outside to draw our bodies using chalk

 As you can see we had lots of fun this month and the children have settled in well to their new classroom.  Keep checking in to see what we get up to next ..…